Friday, 31 August 2007

Editorial success

We are delighted to announce the recent certification of Daisy Ouya as an Editor in the Life Sciences (BELS, Daisy is the first science editor from the developing world to receive this certification, and we send her our warmest congratulations!

Berlin 5 Conference

Submitted by Subbiah Arunachalam

The series of follow-up meetings to the Berlin Declaration on open access ( reaches Berlin-5 at Padua, Italy, on September 19-21st. The theme of the meeting is 'From Practice to Impact: Consequences of Knowledge Dissemination'. At this meeting I was invited to organise a session titled, 'Open access in developing countries'. I will chair the session and the panellists include Barbara Kirsop (EPT, UK), D K Sahu (MedKnow, Mumbai), Stephen Katz (FAO, Rome). Summaries of the presentations and ppt files will be available from
This session will give us the opportunity to present the great benefits that open access to research findings offers developing country science.
In addition, I am also requested to speak on open access developments in India.
There will be another major event later this year: GK3 (the Third Global knowledge Conference organised by GKP at Kuala Lumpur, 11-13 December 2007) where Leslie Chan and I are organizing a panel discussion on "Open for Business: The Emerging Collaboration Economy" and I am organizing another session on "Accelerating inclusion through knowledge sharing". Speakers in these panels include Marjorie Whalen of IDRC, Mr Hindawi, Dr V Balji of ICRISAT, Dr Peter Ballantyne of IAALD and possibly Arthur Sale from Tasmania, Australia.

Monday, 20 August 2007

ARIADNE article now published

The article, 'Access to Scientific Knowledge for Sustainable Development: Options for Developing Countries', mentioned in the previous message is now published.


Thursday, 16 August 2007

Open Access and Sustainable Development publication

A new publication has been submitted to the online journal ARIADNE and will appear in the August issue. The title is, 'Access to Scientific Knowledge for Sustainable Development: Options for Developing Countries', by Barbara Kirsop, Subbiah Arunachalam and Leslie Chan. The URL for the publication will be posted here as soon as it has been published.