Friday, 16 May 2008

ELPUB has a special developing country session

The ELPUB2008 conference 'Open Scholarship: Authority, Community and Sustainability in the Age of Web 2.0' (June 25-27) has now full details online, including all abstracts from the speakers. See

There is to be a special session devoted to activities taking place in (or of importance to) developing countries, with presentations from Brazil, Bulgaria, China, India, Mexico and South Africa. These presentations will be webcast so that we may take part in this interesting session.
Details of accessing the webcast will be made available nearer the time.

This conference is being organised from the University of Toronto, the home of Bioline International ( BI now makes available on an open access basis 76 journals published in developing countries. In 2007 BI recorded 3.5 million full text downloads from these journals, showing how valuable this material is to the international scientific community.

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