Thursday, 23 April 2009

Two new OA articles

Two important publications:

1. Leslie Chan, Associate Director of Bioline International, and EPT Trustee asks a number of questions in a presentation he made recently to the Canadian academic communities. He asks, for example:
- Why is your institution’s library paying millions of dollars each year for journal subscriptions and yet you are still unable to access some of the journals you need for your research?
- Why do we give away our work and contribute free labour to refereeing for journals that put restrictions and price barriers on access?
He answers many such questions and dispels many myths about open access, see here.

2. An excellent review of the state of Open Access and the prices of toll access journals (today showing a 9-7% average increase in subscriptions), plus a series of tables referring to prices of publications in different disciplines, different countries and different years. Van Orsdel and Born - see here.

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