Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Poet's Corner

Among all the important OA Week activities, there was some fun too. Here is the winner of the SHERPA Haiku ‘Spirit of Open Access’ Competition:

Set your research free
As flowers offer nectar
To the passing bee

Congratulations to Miggie Pickton, University of Northampton, UK!

And here are a few of the runners-up:

Like birds, authors' rights
fly away from their control
never to return
Nancy Stimson,
University of California, San Diego

A candle under
a bushel is wasted light
try open access
Rob Szarka,

Empowerment comes
To those who share their knowledge
With the world beyond
Allison Brown,
University of Otago, New Zealand

Enlightenment is
The addition of full text
To metadata
Neil Stewart,

Opening access
connected and well-informed
research moves forward
Jon Mason, InterCog

The locked door opens
And brilliant autumn sunlight
Pours into the room.
Padraig Manning, HSE

Help barriers fall
Repositories blossom
An open age dawns
Jessie and Tony Hey,
University of Southampton and Microsoft Research

Hard discoveries
Should not perish, closed, within
a domain price-locked.
Hélène LeBlanc,
Rogers Communications

OA is worldwide
bringing scholars together
and spreading their words
Nancy Stimson,
University of California, San Diego

In the autumn rains
open access means no trudge
to the library
Kate Hodgson,
University of Saskatchewan, Canada

And another that wasn’t in the runners-up list:

Gold leaves float down

secured in OA silos –

research advances

And a limerick to encourage deposit in IRs:

A geneticist working in Lima

Found a gene to zap helicobacter.

He made it OA

And before you could say

Jack was made a Distinguished Professor.


1 comment:

Stevan Harnad said...

scribbler and scholar
behind the self-same barrier
one unwillingly

the work of others
easier for me to steal
than donate my own

tithes to help cure plague
instead they're helping tradesmen
to peddle their wares

via eyes and minds
its path to noble laurels
my work firewalled

skies above all clear
cosmonauts still unembarked
worried flight's not cleared

fingertips so quick
stroke keys to boycott others
not to free their own

golden sun afar
blinds us to greener vistas
open to our view

yearning for freedom
we do not reach out for it
though its in our grasp

set it free at last
no lets fuss instead about
costs rights wrath and gold

why lord gautama
left india for china
keeps our fingers still

the elean sage
found no way to cross the room
we too paralyzed

what the tortoise asked
achilles to try in vain
we now must mandate

scholars all are monks
do monks have buddha nature?
answer still is mu

give-away findings
free for all
no I want my cut

"roses red violets blue"
stays unread
till paid by you

see what I have found
first shell out to look

ideas doomed
to stillbirth
toll-booths loom ahead

scholars' spring
skyward glance
trade winds gathering

new era
thoughts at long last free
pay to view

fruits of IQ
unlike haiku

free at last
not so fast
toll-gates last

along the road
to Stockholm

like speech
text if metered

words fleet
script perdures
bits blocked

born free

me to you
first pay him